ClickCease Ikea settles dresser death litigation for $50 million

Ikea settles dresser death litigation for $50 million

Low-cost furniture chain Ikea has announced that it is settling litigation related to the deaths of three young children caused by unstable dressers. The company has reportedly agreed to pay $50 million to the families of the deceased.

The tragic deaths were all caused by Ikea’s Malm dressers, which were found to be dangerously unstable. The company recalled a total of 29 million dressers earlier this year due to this problem, including the Malm design, offering free installation of wall anchors or a full refund.

Unfortunately, this subsequent consumer protection action was too late to save the three children, all of whom were under three years of age. Each died after a Malm dresser fell on them.

Though Ikea initially denied responsibility for the fatalities it is now resolving the wrongful death litigation against it, according to the Washington Post.

Besides payment to the victims’ parents, Ikea will donate money to children’s hospitals in their home states, and make a $100,000 donation to a nonprofit dedicated to preventing tip-over furniture accidents involving children.

It’s a terrible reality that manufacturers often fail to acknowledge dangerous defects in their products until someone is seriously injured or killed. Consumers typically have no reason to suspect that a product is putting their children at risk of danger until it is too late.

When the worst occurs parents seek the help of product liability lawyers to obtain justice in the form of money damages – a totally inadequate substitute for the lives that have been lost. In order to prevail in a product liability claim against a multi national corporation you will need an experienced attorney to gather evidence, hire experts, dig for evidence against the wrongdoer and build a strong case on your behalf.