ClickCease 10 injured, 5 seriously in car wreck at Chinatown bus stop

10 injured, 5 seriously in car wreck at Chinatown bus stop

Even waiting at the bus stop in San Francisco is not as safe as you might think. Minding your own business on the curb still can put you in the path of an out-of-control car or truck and expose you to serious injury.

That is what happened to 10 people in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood on Dec. 16. According to KPIX-TV, the group was waiting at a Muni bus stop when a car drove into them and their shelter. Police say the driver lost control of her vehicle and hit two cars before going over the curb. Police said that five of the 10 victims suffered “major injuries,” with two of them in critical condition following the crash. We don’t know their current condition.

The driver was reportedly cooperating with authorities, but it was not immediately clear why she lost control. It’s not known whether the crash was the result of a mechanical failure, or if the driver swerved to avoid someone else — or if it was a preventable incident caused by distracted driving or similar negligence.

A bad driver can harm you virtually anywhere, even if you are not on the street. You could experience permanent disabilities that force you to stop working and impact your quality of life.

When collisions like this can reasonably have been prevented, you may be entitled to financial compensation from those responsible. Finding a personal injury law firm with years of experience, adequate financial resources and knowledge of the legal principles in automobile accident litigation is the first step in obtaining financial justice