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How Does Bicycle Accident Compensation Work?

A bicycle accident can lead to significant property damage and serious injuries. Depending on how an accident happens, liability for the resulting damages may fall to one or more parties. Plaintiffs in bicycle accident cases often wonder how compensation for their damages works. It’s always a good idea to call a bicycle accident lawyer to ask questions.

Many individuals need economic relief immediately following a serious injury to handle medical expenses and lost income from time spent home from work due to an injury. However, a personal injury case can take months or even years to resolve in some cases, so how does an injured plaintiff handle expenses in the interim?

Common Damages in Bicycle Accident Cases

When a bicycle and motor vehicle gets into an accident, the bicyclist is far more likely to suffer physical injuries than the motor vehicle driver. Bicycle accidents can cause;

  • broken bones
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • spinal injuries
  • internal organ damage
  • severe cuts
  • crushing wounds

An injured bicyclist will need to rely on his or her medical insurance coverage to handle the initial medical expenses resulting from a bicycle accident. If the victim’s lawsuit against the party who caused the accident takes longer than expected, he or she must track the economic damages sustained during this time.

If he or she used his or her own insurance policy to cover initial medical expenses, it is possible that a lawsuit could lead to the at-fault party compensating the insurance carrier and paying for the victim’s other damages.

A severe injury may result in lost income. The victim will need to miss work during recovery, or a severe injury may prevent him or her from working at all in the future. In this scenario, the plaintiff’s attorney will contact expert witnesses who can help a jury understand the full scope of the plaintiff’s losses.

Compensation for Winning a Bicycle Accident Case

Handling personal expenses for the duration of a personal injury lawsuit can be challenging, but a personal injury attorney can help handle these issues for a client while addressing the legal concerns of his or her case. Once the plaintiff and his or her lawyers reach a successful result, the jury will hold the defendant responsible for all the damages resulting from his or her actions.

Compensation for a bicycle accident may include medical expenses and lost income compensation, as well as monetary compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, and mental distress resulting from a defendant’s actions.

For example, a spinal cord injury that leaves the victim paralyzed from the waist down means he or she can never walk again and will require permanent ongoing care. Such a devasting injury will likely entail a great deal of physical and psychological pain during the treatment process, leading to significant financial recovery with a successful lawsuit.