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Walkup Firm was well represented at recent Consumer Attorneys of California convention

The Walkup firm was well represented at the recent CAOC annual convention held at the San Francisco Palace Hotel. Senior partner Mike Kelly spoke on an advanced panel dealing with discovery, delivering a lecture entitled “Deposing the Defense Neuropsychologist“. Sara Peters spoke on “Using Depositions to Put the ‘Bad Facts’ In a Box”. Conor Kelly moderated an afternoon panel focused on Uber, Lyft, Scooters and Rideshare litigation. Khaldoun Baghdadi prepared and presented a talk on jury selection entitled “How Not to Screw Up Voir Dire”.  Shareholder Doug Saeltzer was sworn in as the group’s treasurer for the 2020 calendar year, and Doris Cheng was honored with the Robert E. Cartwright, Sr. Award given in honor of her extensive pro bono work in the field of advocacy teaching.