ClickCease Walkup Attorney Christian Jagusch M.D. J.D. Responds to Corona Virus Call To Action

Walkup Attorney Christian Jagusch M.D. J.D. Responds to Corona Virus Call To Action

Walkup Medical Negligence Counsel Dr. Christian R. Jagusch is mobilizing with his Emergency Medicine colleagues to provide telemedicine support for Americans worried about their health. Christian commented “We are confronted with one of the biggest challenges to public health in nearly a century. The shelter-in-place orders need to be taken seriously. We must take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes social distancing, diligent handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, and protecting our vulnerable populations. The elderly and those with medical problems are most at-risk for serious complications from the disease. Together, we can flatten the curve.“

Flattening the curve means reducing the number of cases by limiting exposures so that health resources are available for patients that are seriously ill. As an Emergency Medicine physician, Christian worked through the swine flu pandemic in 2009. He saw how our health care system ramped up in a time of crisis. He saw triage tents erected in hospital parking lots to control spread of that disease.

When he transitioned to law, he never completely hung up his stethoscope. He maintained his training and expertise. With the need for additional expertise in this critical time, his former medical colleagues reached out to him.

Telemedicine is a service provided through most insurance plans where people can talk to a doctor about health concerns. It reduces in-person patient loads in crowded Emergency Departments. By decreasing the number of people flowing through ED, doctors and nurses can focus on critically ill patients.

Telemedicine also assists in social distancing by providing an avenue for care while minimizing the risk of exposing more people to the virus.

We commend Christian for his unselfish volunteer spirit in the service of the community.