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UC Hastings, Other Tenderloin Residents Sue San Francisco Over ‘Insufferable’ Sidewalk Conditions Amid COVID-19

Mike Kelly, Rich Schoenberger and Matt Davis are lead counsel in this case filed today. The lawsuit seeks to protect and enforce the Constitutional rights of both locally housed residents and unhoused persons living on the street.  Kelly, Schoenberger and Davis are all Hastings graduates who are concerned about the safety, health and livability of the Tenderloin, and its ability to survive as a neighborhood in the face of the explosion of people living on the sidewalks and threatening the well-being of the men, women and children living in the Tenderloin’s residential hotels, apartments and homes.


Coronavirus Update: ‘Deplorable’ SF Tenderloin Conditions Prompt Lawsuit By UC Hastings, Business Owners, Residents


UC Hastings Other Tenderloin Residents Sue San Francisco Over Insufferable Sidewalk Conditions Amid COVID-19 _ The Recorder