ClickCease Walkup Lawyer Volunteers In Vaccination Effort

Walkup Lawyer Volunteers In Vaccination Effort

Dr. Christian Jagusch, Walkup’s Medical Negligence Counsel, has been treating patients with COVID-19 since March 2020 using telemedicine across 11 states. Now with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Jagusch has joined the Napa County Medical Reserve Corp. As part of this volunteer team, he will administer vaccines to the community in the nationwide effort to put an end to the pandemic.

As we go to press, two vaccines are approved for use in the U.S. They are manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Unlike other vaccines, these vaccines use a unique method for inserting the viral RNA messenger into the body’s cells to produce an immune response to the Spike protein, a specific part of the Coronavirus. Neither vaccine is a live virus and neither can cause disease. Though a novel approach to vaccines, this therapy has been studied since 2013 for other disease processes and is considered safe with only rare serious side effects. Current data reports approximately 95% effectiveness after the two-injection series. This means that the vaccinated person possesses excellent protection from getting COVID-19 disease. Preliminary data suggests that these vaccines may also be effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Until more data on the transmission of disease is reviewed, it remains critical that even vaccinated people continue practicing physical distancing, diligent handwashing, and mask precautions.

Most experts agree that once 60-70% of the population has either been vaccinated or has natural immunity from contracting the disease, COVID-19 can be controlled or even eradicated. This principle is based on so-called herd immunity. Together with continued safety precautions and vaccinations, we can reach the end of this pandemic.

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