ClickCease Walkup Team Wins $1,606,664 Binding Arbitration Award

Walkup Team Wins $1,606,664 Binding Arbitration Award

We are proud to report a $1,606,664 binding arbitration award rendered against Kaiser Permanente on October 15, 2021, following a nearly two-week contested hearing. Prior to the hearing, Kaiser had offered zero dollars in settlement of our clients’ claim. The award was obtained by Walkup Shareholder Sara M. Peters, working in conjunction with Walkup Medical Negligence Counsel Christian Jagusch M.D./J.D.

We sought damages for a 5-year-old client who sustained shoulder dystocia at birth and required tendon surgery to try and moderate the neurologic limitations that followed the acute obstetrical injury.

The obstetrician who managed his labor and delivery was the primary Permanent Medical Group member alleged to have been negligent. The Walkup Firm’s Kaiser malpractice team has a remarkable record of success in arbitrations against Kaiser, including cases alleging birth injuries, wrongful death, anesthesia mistakes, and failures to diagnose and treat complications.