ClickCease Patient v. Anonymous Medical Provider

Patient v. Anonymous Medical Provider

In Patient v. Anonymous Medical Provider (Orange Co. Arb.) Doris Cheng and Jeffrey Clause negotiated a $2,000,000 settlement on behalf of the family of a 30-year-old patient who died of chemotherapy-induced lung toxicity. The decedent was diagnosed with Stage 2a testicular cancer – a stage that should have a greater than 90% cure rate. The chemotherapy regimen the decedent was prescribed carries a risk of lung injury (bleomycin toxicity) which requires careful monitoring and aggressive treatment to reverse the effects of any lung damage once recognized or suspected. Doris and Jeffrey demonstrated that the decedent’s medical providers negligently failed to diagnose his developing lung injury and thereafter failed to render the appropriate remedial care. The defendant physicians denied liability and disputed the amount of economic damages claimed. The case resolved prior to the contractual arbitration hearing.


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