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Seat Belt Defect

Our product liability spinal cord injury lawyer specialists negotiated a combination cash and annuity settlement with a present value of $2 million and ultimate payments in excess of $6.4 million on behalf of a 19-year-old high school student, passenger in the rear of a full-size General Motors vehicle that was involved in a 35 mph…

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Auto Product Liability: Servicemen v. Foreign Automaker

In this confidential action, Michael A. Kelly, Andrew McDevitt and Valerie Rose represented two passengers of a sedan that crashed into a tree in central California, suffering enhanced injuries when the car’s rear seat passenger restrain system failed resulting in orthopedic and residual brain injuries. The case settled for $4.85 million during expert discovery following…

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Product Liability: Heirs v. International Manufacturer

Michael A. Kelly, Doris Cheng and Andrew P. McDevitt obtained a confidential multi-million dollar settlement for the wife and newborn baby of a Northern California deliveryman who suffered fatal injuries while working. The decedent was riding in the middle position of the front bench seat of the delivery truck. As designed, the occupant of that…

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