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Seat Belt Defect

Our product liability spinal cord injury lawyer specialists negotiated a combination cash and annuity settlement with a present value of $2 million and ultimate payments in excess of $6.4 million on behalf of a 19-year-old high school student, passenger in the rear of a full-size General Motors vehicle that was involved in a 35 mph head-on collision, was restrained only by the lap belt provided by the manufacturer, flexed forward over the belt at impact, exerting knifelike pressure on his abdominal organs and causing an L2-3 fracture that required stabilization with Harrington rods. Our lawyers claimed that the vehicle was defective because it failed to incorporate a three-point restraint for the middle rear-seat passenger. Our spinal cord injury lawyers sought and recovered economic damages to compensate our client for his inability to engage in the competitive workforce, to provide for attendant care in his later years, and to make certain that his medical and equipment needs are met over the course of his lifetime.