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truckee burn accident attorneysA severe burn injury can be devastating, leaving physical impairment, visible scars and emotional disability. In addition to the grueling physical recovery process, mental and emotional trauma as well as the staggering financial burden can be overwhelming. If you or someone you love has suffered a burn accident, call the caring and experienced Truckee Burn Accident Lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger immediately.

Understanding Burn Accidents

Significant burns (covering 25% or more of the body surface area) may require multiple surgeries. Both second-degree burns (affecting the epidermis and second layer of skin) and third-degree burns (full-thickness, extending into fatty tissue beneath the dermis) can require skin grafting, lengthy hospitalization, and extensive rehabilitation. Patients often need significant psychological counseling as well to heal from the ordeal of these horrific accidents.

When a burn accident occurs due to someone else’s negligence, determining who may be at fault can require extensive investigation.

The award-winning accident attorneys at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have more than 60 years of experience handling burn injury cases. We understand the diverse causes of burn accidents, the resulting injuries, and the enormous medical, psychological, and financial toll they take on victims’ lives. Our skilled and compassionate team of lawyers includes a former physician with two decades of experience in the medical field. This depth of cross-disciplinary knowledge is rare among law firms.

Ranked among the top personal injury law firms nationwide, we have the expertise to thoroughly investigate your case, identify liable parties, and file a lawsuit.

Our firm has worked on a broad range of burn cases, including:

  • Structure fires and explosions involving fire code violations, propane system defects, furnace defects, bad wiring, space heaters, inadequate or nonexistent carbon monoxide and fire alarm systems, and other forms of negligence.
  • Explosions involving LPG, propane tanks, flammable liquids, volatile chemicals, and industrial sites.
  • Smoke inhalation causes life-threatening damage to the lungs.
  • Chemical burns in home cleaning products or hazardous substances in the workplace.
  • Electrocution resulting from transmission lines, faulty grounding, bucket truck accidents, bad wiring, underground cable cuts, and other hazards
  • Defective products such as faulty appliance wiring, insufficient protective shielding, and poorly designed gas tanks.

Fire, Explosion, and Burn accidents in the Truckee area

Truckee has been impacted by numerous fire and burn accidents, including electrical utility cause fires, structure fires, post-collision fuel-fed car and truck fires, and home propane tank explosions.

In rural areas like Truckee, LPG, and propane gas is a common fuel sources. However, lines, valves, and propane tanks must be manufactured, filled, installed, and maintained with utmost care. The Truckee/Tahoe area’s heavy snow can create the conditions for a home propane system to become a deadly hazard—causing leaks by dislodging fittings, joints, valves, covers, and even entire tanks.

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our six-decade history of outstanding settlements and verdicts in accident, fire, and burn cases includes a record-setting $52 million jury verdict for victims of a propane explosion.

Examples of Successful Representation in Burn Injury Cases

  • Propane Explosion Causing Wrongful Death & Personal Injury – $52,473,000 Verdict
  • Utility Worker Burned by High-Voltage Electrical Wires – $7 Million Settlement
  • Sisters Burned in Van Vs. Auto Collision – Multimillion-Dollar Settlement
  • Summer Home Fire — $3.3 Million Settlement
  • Propane Gas Explosion – Third-Degree Burns and Wrongful Death — $5 Million Settlement
  • Mother Burned by Fuel-Fed Vehicle Fire – Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement
  • Fatal Hot Tub Burns – $2.5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement
  • Rented Mobile Home Fire – Confidential Settlement

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