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Dangerous And Defective Urological Surgical Instrument

Walkup medical product liability lawyers negotiated a $1,409,999 settlement on behalf of a 41-year-old plaintiff who underwent a urethrotomy to dissect scar tissue. During the procedure, the tip of the surgical instrument fractured. The surgeon used a surgical grasper to retrieve the piece of the fractured blade. He then attached a second blade and attempted to cut through the scar tissue once again, only to have the second blade fracture as well.

This time, the fracture fragment immigrated behind the pubic symphysis, making an open procedure and wide exploration necessary to remove the broken piece. The retrieval surgery lasted more than five hours. The plaintiff suffered significant blood loss intraoperatively. His kidney function deteriorated and he required dialysis following surgery. He remained in the hospital for three weeks. The surgical wounds behind the scrotum and abdomen took months to heal, requiring the plaintiff to miss work for almost one year.