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Kaiser – Death Resulting from Advice Nurse Error

The Walkup arbitration team obtained a $2,400,000 arbitration award after a one-week long trial in Alameda California on behalf of the husband and two surviving children of a 42-year-old mental health professional who died from overwhelming infection. Before her death, the decedent had made three calls to the Northern California advice nurse center, but she was misdiagnosed over the phone, and when she finally spoke to a doctor, he incorrectly diagnosed her with the flu without ever seen her. Our lawyers demonstrated that the Kaiser advice nurse system included a host of flaws that prevented doctors from learning the information which advice nurses obtain over the phone. Kaiser representatives admitted in sworn testimony that doctors were not given information about the history provided by patients. There was no settlement offer before the arbitration because Kaiser claimed that its advice nurse system was without any flaws or problems. susceptible to infection