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Kaiser – Failure To Diagnose Bleeding Aneurysm

Our Kaiser neurosurgery malpractice lawyers prosecuted and settled a medical negligence action against Kaiser and the Permanente Medical Group on behalf of a Silicon Valley electrical engineer, his wife, and children when the patient suffered catastrophic brain damage because of a delay in diagnosing and treating a leaking aneurysm. The Kaiser member had gone to the emergency department with complaints of a facial droop, changes in his speech and a feeling of numbness in his face and tongue. The emergency room doctor ordered a CT scan that showed a suspicious finding. She wanted to get additional tests, but she was overruled by her superiors. A non-emergent MRI of the brain was scheduled for ten days later. While the patient was waiting to get his test, the leaking aneurysm ruptured. The case was prosecuted in the Kaiser Arbitration System. A settlement was made up of both cash payments and future payments to replace the loss of income which the Kaiser member sustained as a result of his permanent brain damage. If the case had not been settled it would have proceeded to a binding arbitration. The settlement which our Kaiser team negotiated is sufficient to take care of the daily attendant care needs of the Kaiser member and to replace the income which his family has lost because of his permanent disability.