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Maritime Injury

In Fisherman v. Recreational Boater (San Mateo Sup. Ct.), Doug Saeltzer and Matt Davis negotiated a $1.5 million settlement on the eve of trial on behalf of two surviving minor children of a fisherman who was killed on the bay when the defendant’s yacht ran over the decedent’s small fishing skiff. The defendant was at the helm of his yacht at the time of the collision and claimed that the fishing skiff had driven erratically into the path of his vessel. Expert retention and analysis included accident recreation and seamanship. Based upon the expert analysis, Matt and Doug conducted discovery against the yacht owner which they shared with the San Mateo District Attorney who brought criminal charges against the defendant and a jury convicted him of misdemeanor manslaughter. The case settled for the owner’s insurance policy limits as well as a substantial contribution from the yacht owner’s personal funds. In the criminal action the yacht owner was ordered to pay restitution to the mother of the children who had not been married to the decedent.