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Propane Explosion Causing Wrongful Death & Personal Injury

The Walkup Melodia burn injury team represented a family devastated by the effects of an explosion that destroyed a motor home. A fire cause and origin investigation traced the source of the explosion to a liquid petroleum gas leak. The explosion happened when the father attempted to light a stove-top burner. The subsequent fireball completely destroyed the 8 by 26-foot travel trailer, the family was using as a residence while they completed construction on a new home adjacent to the explosion site. The fire killed a young girl and severely burned her parents and brother.

Through expert analysis, the attorneys of Walkup Melodia argued that the only explanation for this explosion was that the defendants had defectively installed the propane system on this trailer by failing to protect the venting system from the elements. After three difficult years of litigation, the jury finally agreed with us and awarded the family more than $50 million.