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Vehicular Negligence

In Survivors v. Transportation Provider ( Northern California Sup.Ct.) Khaldoun Baghdadi and Doris Cheng negotiated a wrongful death settlement of $5,100,000 on behalf of the surviving family members of a 70 year-old woman who died after being stuck in a crossway by a tour bus. The defendant tour company attempted to prove that the decedent was partially at fault in failing to try to avoid the collision. However, the reconstruction experts retained by Khaldoun and Doris were able to locate and utilize security video footage from adjacent businesses which captured the events leading up to and through the incident to prove that all false rested with the bus operator. The case settled following mediation, where our team of attorneys produced and showed a narrated video which illustrated the life of this family before their loss. The settlement documentary successfully showed the horrific nature of this tragedy, while at the same time affording the dignity to the decedent which the family deserved.