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VEHICULAR NEGLIGENCE: Electrician v. Trucking Company

Conor M. Kelly negotiated a $1,200,000 settlement on behalf of a 62-year-old electrician whose pickup truck was struck by a tractor-trailer on Highway 37 in Sonoma County. The plaintiff was initially diagnosed with non-surgical fractures of the ribs and cervical spine, but continued to experience ongoing pain in his back and chest despite healing of the fractures. He returned to work in a limited capacity as an electrician following the accident, but was unable to perform the more physical tasks of his job. The defense contended that the plaintiff’s ongoing pain complaints were the result of the natural aging process compounded by 35 years of working in a physical job, and further arguing that the plaintiff had not received significant medical treatment for his injuries. The case settled three weeks before trial after the completion of expert depositions for an amount in excess of ten times the past economic damages.