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Dangerous Side Effects of INFUSE Bone Grafts

Medical complications from the use of INFUSE were identified as early as 1999, during clinical trials. Soon after clinical trials began, CT scans of patients who had received the bone graft product showed signs of excessive bone growth into the spinal canal. This is called “ectopic bone growth.”

A 2004 paper about the clinical trial said that patients did not suffer any harmful effects from this bone growth, but other doctors (who had no financial ties to Medtronic) found their patients had significant problems, including nerve damage and chronic radiating pain in the legs and arms (neuritis, radiculopathy and radiculitis). Some patients needed additional surgeries to remove bone overgrowth.

Stanford University researchers later linked INFUSE with complications that cause sterility in men. Uro-genital problems included “retrograde” ejaculation (semen entered the bladder rather than exiting the penis during orgasm) and incontinence.

Some patients experienced bone graft infection and life-threatening inflammation. In particular, some patients who underwent cervical spine surgery (for which INFUSE has not been approved) suffered extreme neck swelling resulting in permanent injury and death.

Other researchers reported that INFUSE bone graft side effects included an increased risk of cancer.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation for INFUSE Injuries

The San Francisco law firm of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger represents people who have been injured by defective medical devices. Our attorneys have already filed at least one lawsuit against Medtronic, the manufacturer of INFUSE.

If you have had spinal fusion surgery and suffered these or other INFUSE bone graft complications, you may be able to receive financial compensation for your injuries. It’s important that you understand your legal rights. Contact a California product liability lawyer online or call (415) 981-7210. Your consultation is FREE.