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INFUSE Bone Grafts and Spinal Surgery

Millions of Americans suffer back pain from degenerative disk disease and other conditions for which they receive physical therapy, pain medication and, in some cases, spinal surgery.

Medtronic, a medical device manufacturer, promoted and sold the INFUSE bone graft product for the purpose of strengthening the lower spine by fusing two adjacent vertebrae together. INFUSE (bone morphogenetic protein-2) stimulates bone growth in the space between vertebrae. It is used in place of the patient’s own bone in spinal fusion surgery.

  • In 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved INFUSE for only one type of spine surgery: anterior approach lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF). In this surgery, the surgeon operates on the spine through an incision in the abdomen.
  • INFUSE was not approved (and still is not approved) for other types of spinal surgeries, such as posterior-approach lumbar interbody fusion surgeries (where the surgeon operates through the back). Likewise, the FDA has not approved INFUSE for spinal surgery involving the upper back and neck (the cervical spine).

Have You Had An INFUSE Bone Graft?

Numerous patients who have received an INFUSE bone graft are now experiencing serious side effects and have become injured due to the graft. If you are experiencing pain or have other side effects from your INFUSE bone graft, we can help.

The San Francisco law firm of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger represents people who have been injured by defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. Our firm has a long track record of successful financial recovery for injured people in California, Nevada and across the U.S.

Contact us online today – your consultation is free. If our defective medical device attorney believes you may have a case, we will obtain a medical review of your records to determine if you are eligible to bring a defective product claim for injuries from an INFUSE bone graft.

Why Is INFUSE Bone Graft Used Only For This One Type Of Surgery?

Early testing of other types of surgical procedures showed the potential for serious medical complications. In 1999, a Medtronic-sponsored clinical trial of posterior lumbar interbody fusion indicated that bone was forming in the wrong place in 70 percent of the patients participating in the study. Clinical trials were stopped after only 34 surgeries had taken place.

Contact Us to Learn About Your Legal Rights When it Comes to Defective Medical Devices

If you are one of the many patients to suffer side effects after having back surgery, it’s important that you understand your legal rights. To learn more about your options, contact one of our California product liability lawyers online or call toll free (415) 981-7210. We offer a free consultation so you can discuss your case with a member of our experienced legal team.

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