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Because burn injuries are so devastating and involve complex medical issues, the burn injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger investigate to discover all the causes of burn injuries.

  • A house fire may result in injury because of defective, missing, or poorly maintained smoke alarms. Our law firm will look not only at the smoke alarm, but also at the fire’s main cause-a defective heater or faulty wiring, perhaps. The manufacturer or distributor may be responsible for a defective product.
  • A car fire may be caused because the product was poorly designed or manufactured. Was the fire caused because of a badly placed or badly shielded fuel tank? Was the car’s ignition system poorly wired?
  • If an industrial accident was caused by an improperly shielded vat of molten material, the manufacturer may be responsible.

When Products Cause Burns, We Can Help

When products are poorly designed or badly manufactured or when they are improperly installed, serious burn injuries can result. Our Walkup burn injury attorneys know how to investigate and prosecute these cases.

By examining all the causes of burn injuries, our law firm may be able to hold a number of different parties accountable for the injuries. A great deal of money is needed to treat serious burn injuries and to compensate for pain and suffering. We will investigate the fire to determine the cause (or causes) and the factors that contributed to burn injuries (such as defective smoke alarms or fire extinguishers or stored flammable liquids that made a bad situation worse).

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