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Our History

In 1959, Bruce Walkup founded our law firm in San Francisco, California, with the goal of maximizing the recovery of injured clients by showing a willingness to take their cases before juries. Where other lawyers hesitated, he embraced the opportunity. This philosophy, together with the skill and caring of our attorneys, are what set us apart.

The First Decade: Our Founding Partners Established Themselves As Litigation Leaders

In the early 1960s – when only a few national firms were competent to handle complex medical, product liability, automobile and aviation litigation – our firm was at the forefront. Through the 1970s and 80s, we gained important victories establishing the rights of consumers. For example, our partners:

  • Successfully represented injured plaintiffs against General Motors and Ford for defective fuel tanks and fuel-fed vehicle fires
  • Successfully pursued claims against Goodyear, Goodrich and Firestone tire makers for accidents caused by design and compounding defects
  • Obtained recovery for victims of government wrongdoing against the United States government, the state of California and local public entities for injurious conduct in public hospitals, on public roads and highways, and as a result of negligent and reckless conduct by police and sheriffs

When the earliest claims were made against drug makers and manufacturers for dangerous drugs and medical devices (such as the Dalkon Shield, DES and L-Tryptophan), we were again on the front lines.

The 1990s: Continuing To Pave The Way For Health And Safety

In the 1990s, we paved the way for health and safety improvements through significant recoveries in landmark cases. For example, the firm’s attorneys:

  • Contributed to advances in automobile safety through successful recoveries against Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and other automakers that were not doing all they could to provide for passenger safety, crashworthiness and vehicle stability
  • Held pharmaceutical companies accountable by successfully prosecuting actions against the makers of dangerous medical devices and drugs, including the makers of silicone breast implants, Rezulin, Fen-Pfen, Baycol and Sulzer hip implants
  • Took a stance against unscrupulous nursing facilities and retirement centers by representing seniors in elder abuse cases
  • Secured justice and financial recovery for infants who were the victims of obstetrical negligence
  • Fought for the rights of health plan and health care members when their HMOs or health plans left them injured or disabled
  • Obtained significant arbitration awards for patients in proceedings against Kaiser Permanente

During this time, the firm’s team grew, continuing to attracting top legal talent. Many of our attorneys garnered widespread acclaim as leaders in the personal injury, medical malpractice and consumer law fields. Additionally, the firm was awarded the prestigious ValueStar certified symbol of consumer satisfaction.

2000s And Onward: Building On Our Record Of Success

In the 2000s and beyond, we have remained at the forefront of protecting consumers and injury victims. We successfully pursued claims involving defective drugs like Vioxx, unstable and rollover-prone SUVs, dangerous medical devices and recreational products that injure and kill. We enforced consumers’ rights in class actions seeking recovery for injuries across California. Additionally, we obtained record-setting multimillion-dollar recoveries for victims of negligence.

In the medical negligence arena, we obtained outstanding recoveries for:

  • Brain-damaged infants injured in the birth process
  • Kaiser members hurt as a result of HMO wrongdoing
  • Seniors who were mistreated in assisted living and long-term care centers

These are just a few examples of the many medical malpractice claims we successfully handled.

A Legacy That Lasts

In the five-plus decades since the firm’s inception, we have not forgotten the philosophy upon which Bruce Walkup founded the firm. We remain among the top trial firms in the United States, and our lawyers continue to obtain seven- and eight-figure verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Today, our skills are even sharper, our technology more cutting-edge, and our resources unmatched.

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