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Pedestrian Accident Results

The personal injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have a distinguished record of results for injured pedestrians in the Bay Area. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation in cases where pedestrians were hit by taxis, buses, cable cars and other public transit vehicles.

If you were hit while walking around San Francisco, or a loved one died in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, contact the Bay Area pedestrian injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger or call (415) 981-7210.

Pedestrian Hurt on Dangerous Roadway — $12.2 Million Verdict

Our client, a 17-year-old girl, sustained a brain injury when she was struck by a driver while in a crosswalk at the uncontrolled intersection of El Camino Real and Ludeman Lane in San Mateo County. Walkup attorneys sued the negligent driver who struck her, the State of California (Caltrans) as the owner of the roadway, and the City of Millbrae, which designed and maintained the roadway.

After settling with the City of Millbrae, our pedestrian accident attorneys tried the case against the State of California. After an extended trial, our attorneys were successful, receiving a $12.2 million verdict on behalf of the client, a record-setting verdict in San Mateo County. As a result of their tremendous verdict, the attorneys handling this case were named the San Francisco Trial Lawyer Association Trial Lawyers of the Year for 2011.

Pedestrian Struck By Car — $12 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Walkup’s traffic accident team represented a young woman rendered brain damaged by the driving of an inattentive South San Francisco motorist who failed to see her as she crossed a major thoroughfare in San Mateo County. Our auto accident team worked with engineers and produced a sophisticated reconstruction and visibility study to prove the fault of the driver. The damages recovered included the cost of future care as well as a lifetime of lost earnings.

Disabled Driver Strikes Pedestrian — $4,333,000 Settlement

Our attorneys handled a pedestrian liability claim on behalf of a 30-year-old woman who sustained severe pelvic and lower extremity fractures as a result of being struck by an automobile. The vehicle was being driven by a disabled driver who had no function in his lower extremities. He had contracted with the defendants to install a hand-control device in his vehicle, to enable him to brake and accelerate. As designed, the hand control lever extended into an area where it could be moved by pressure from the left side of the driver’s torso or legs.

As the plaintiff was walking with a friend, the defendant driver reached around through his driver’s side window to retrieve a parking ticket and his left leg moved the hand control lever, resulting in full acceleration. The defendants included the negligent operator, the manufacturer of the hand control device, the installer and the dealership that facilitated original sale of the defendant’s car.

Pedestrian Struck by Streetcar — $3.25 Million Settlement

In Executive v. Municipal Railway, our MUNI accident attorneys achieved a $3.25 million settlement for a pedestrian who was hit by a streetcar operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Our client sustained a severe traumatic brain injury requiring extensive physical and cognitive rehabilitation. The San Francisco Police Department placed all the blame for the accident on our injured client for allegedly stepping in front of a moving MUNI F-Line train. Our team uncovered evidence indicating that the streetcar’s operator entered the crosswalk against a burned-out red streetcar signal and at excessive speed. MUNI disputed all claims of negligence and dangerous conditions. The case was concluded while MUNI’s summary judgment motion based on governmental immunities was pending.

Woman Struck By Salinas Transit Bus — $3 Million Settlement

Our pedestrian safety lawyers represented a 66-year-old Monterey resident struck while crossing a downtown Salinas street in a marked crosswalk. The bus driver originally claimed that the injured plaintiff “darted out” in front of him. Walkup’s legal team proved (using exterior camera footage) that the pedestrian was almost two-thirds of the way across the street when she was struck. Our client sustained a serious closed head injury that produced personality changes and required her to employ a caretaker.

Pedestrian Struck By Light Rail Vehicle — $2 Million Settlement

We obtained a cash and annuity settlement in the amount of $2 million on behalf of a 16-year-old girl who was struck by a San Francisco Municipal Railway LRV on 19th Avenue near

Stonestown, suffering amputation of her left lower leg below the knee. The teen was crossing the street with the green light at the same time that a southbound LRV “M-Line” train was passing through the intersection. Our lawyers demonstrated that the timing sequence of the signal lights governing the direction of the train and the pedestrian walkway gave both parties the green light at the same time, creating a recipe for disaster. The city claimed that the girl was partially at fault for failing to see and appreciate the oncoming train.

MUNI Railway Vehicle Hits Senior Citizen — $2 Million Settlement

Our pedestrian injury team negotiated a settlement in the amount of $2 million on behalf of a 90-year-old woman who was struck by a Municipal Railway N-Judah streetcar at the intersection of 9th and Irving Street in San Francisco. The plaintiff, a Holocaust survivor, was unable to clear the path of the streetcar, which turned left against a red light. The settlement was achieved at private mediation, following the compilation of a documentary video that detailed the extent of our client’s injuries, as well as the devastating impact on her life and family.

Left-Turning Car — $745,000 Settlement

Walkup Melodia vehicle liability lawyers obtained a $700,000 settlement on behalf of a 62-year-old woman struck in a crosswalk by a left-turning car in San Francisco’s Richmond District. Our client suffered a comminuted left knee tibial plateau fracture requiring two surgeries. She also sustained a peroneal nerve palsy and foot drop. Her medical expenses were $60,000.

Pedestrian Hit by Taxicab — $735,000 Settlement

Our personal injury team achieved a $735,000 recovery on behalf of a 42-year-old woman struck by a DeSoto taxicab while she was crossing The Embarcadero in a marked crosswalk. Our attorneys hired accident reconstruction engineers to prove that the cab was exceeding 50 miles per hour when it struck our client. The cab driver originally claimed that a phantom car struck our client first, knocking her into the cab. The cab driver also claimed that the injured woman was crossing against a red light. Our attorneys proved otherwise.

Pedestrian Hit by Taxi — $425,000 Settlement

Our pedestrian accident attorneys represented a 29-year-old man in San Francisco Superior Court for the loss of a toe. His foot was run over by a driver who lost control of his car because of the actions of a negligent taxi driver. Our client was standing in the street at the corner of Duboce and Valencia when a taxi, traveling westbound on Duboce, made a left turn into oncoming traffic. A motorist traveling eastbound on Duboce swerved to avoid the taxi. The car skidded out of control and ran over our client’s left foot, crushing two toes. The cab driver denied making a left turn and argued that our client was negligent for standing in the street while waiting to cross. After mediation and three settlement conferences, we were able to conclude the case the day before trial for $425,000.

Pedestrian Hit by Taxi — $410,000 Settlement

Our personal injury attorneys achieved a significant settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a taxicab while crossing the street outside the crosswalk. In cases like this, the State of California follows a doctrine called “comparative fault.” If the injured person was partially at fault, he or she cannot recover 100 percent of the damages. Instead, the plaintiff’s recovery is reduced by his or her share of the fault. In this case, while the plaintiff was partially at fault, so too was the taxi driver. Through vigorous argumentation at mediation, our client received fair compensation.

Taxicab-Pedestrian Accident — $350,000 Settlement

Our taxicab collision attorneys represented a 68-year-old woman who was hit by a taxicab while crossing Polk Street in the crosswalk. She suffered pelvic, leg, shoulder and bladder injuries in the collision.

If you were injured by a public transit vehicle, a taxi or shuttle while walking along the streets of San Francisco, the pedestrian accident lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger can help you seek financial compensation. Contact the San Francisco pedestrian injury law firm of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger for a free consultation. Call now (415) 981-7210.