ClickCease Stryker Hip Implant Settlement

Stryker Hip Implant Settlement

Settling a Stryker hip implant lawsuit early may not be your best legal option. Contact Walkup Melodia at (415) 981-7210 to discuss your defective hip implant lawsuit options.

Can I Settle My Stryker Hip Implant Case With Broadspire?

Hip implant failures and revision surgeries are typically associated with significant medical expenses. Stryker understandably seeks to minimize its exposure to the thousands of defective hip implant claims being filed by Stryker Rejuvenate patients.

Stryker’s third-party claims administrator is called Broadspire. By using Broadspire to reach patients before they understand their rights, Stryker can potentially save millions of dollars.

While it is not possible to predict the precise value of a defective Stryker hip implant case, Walkup Melodia recently won $8.3 million against Johnson & Johnson in a similar metal-on-metal hip implant action.

When a hip implant patient settles a case with Broadspire, the patient gives up access to many potential remedies. Broadspire and Stryker are motivated to minimize the recovery of a patient whereas a personal injury law firm will seek to maximize a patient’s compensation.

Insurance Consequences Of Settling A Stryker Hip Implant Case

An individual who settles their defective hip implant case with Stryker runs the risk of giving up their lawsuit for a fraction of its value and incurring significant liability in the form of medical liens.

Many patients make the mistake of settling their Stryker claims without considering the impact that insurance medical liens may have. This could result in a patient being forced to pay the entire amount of their Broadspire settlement back to their insurer.Settlements with Broadspire and Stryker typically trigger a patient’s obligation to reimburse their insurer for the cost of their revision surgery and other medical bills.

At Walkup Melodia, we help ensure that our clients are compensated for all of the damages associated with a defective Stryker hip implant, including medical costs and pain and suffering.

It’s important that you understand your rights. Call the law office of Walkup Melodia toll free at (415) 981-7210 or contact the Walkup firm online. We handle Stryker hip implant lawsuits nationwide.