ClickCease What should clients look for when hiring a personal injury firm?

What should clients look for when hiring a personal injury firm?


What should clients look for when hiring a personal injury firm?


A firm focused 100% on Personal injury and Wrongful death cases
Law firms that focus on specific practice areas have more in-depth knowledge and experience. That means less time doing research and more time actively prosecuting their client’s cases. Plus they know tried and true winning techniques and strategies which increase the likelihood of a client’s successful financial recovery.

A firm with a documented history of success against national insurance companies, major corporations and state and local government
When the other side knows that your lawyers have defeated then in the past they treat you and your attorneys with greater respect. A track record of past success against big corporations and insurers sends a message that your lawyers are not intimidated by t power, size, or money.

A firm with positive online reviews from satisfied clients
Happy clients willing to tell their story to others at the end of a lawsuit are an important indicator of client satisfaction. Good lawyers ensure their clients receive the help and support they deserve. Having a history of positive testimonials from previous clients says a lot about a law firm’s dedication to its clients.

A firm with a record of major awards in the courtroom and in settlement for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death
A history of large settlement and verdicts says your lawyers are not afraid of the courtroom. This is a very important message to send to the other side in every case. It says a law firm is aggressive and willing to fight for their clients’ right to the maximum possible compensation.

A firm willing to turn down insufficient settlement offers and take cases to trial to get full justice for clients
Lawyers who push their clients to accept the first settlement offer in a case are often more concerned about themselves than their clients. An experienced attorney knows how to negotiate and get the highest possible award. A good lawyer understands what compensation amounts are fair and should continue to fight on behalf of their clients to ensure until they receive a recovery that meets their needs.

A firm with a licensed medical Doctor on staff to help analyze complex medical issues and network with medical experts
Personal injury damages are focused on treatment, diagnosis and prognosis. An on-staff doctor who is also a lawyer is a unique qualification that very few firms possess. Such a professional can apprise a medical malpractice case and act as a liaison to medical experts in other types of cases. This kind of expertise allows your lawyer to argue for compensation that will meet your needs.

A firm committed to keeping their clients informed and involved throughout the case
Commitment to transparency and communication allows clients to be aware of their attorney’s legal strategy while also letting clients stay informed of their options, risks and choices throughout the litigation process.

A firm that charges a fair contingency fee so you don’t pay any money unless they are successful
A fair and honest firm understands that a sudden injury or accident can instantly cause financial hardship for a person. That hardship should not preclude a person from retaining the services of a skilled lawyer or law firm. Operating on a contingency fee basis allows clients to receive high-level representation without worrying about costs. But because clients are vulnerable its important their lawyers fairly negotiate a fee that reflects the work and risk in the case. There is no such thing as a one size fits all fee. There is no standard fee. Good lawyers talk to their clients about what is a fair fee.

A firm with the economic resources to finance litigation against defendants who have substantial assets
Big insurance companies and national corporations have unlimited budgets to defend claims. Your lawyer must be able to finance your case to combat the big spenders on the other side. Your law firm must be able to afford the best experts and the best investigators and the best trial preparation and exhibits to prepare the best possible case against the defendants.

A firm that other plaintiffs’ lawyers send their big cases to, knowing that defense lawyers and insurance companies will pay top dollar
A law firm that receives referrals from other lawyers shows that other law firms know they can get maximum dollars for clients and that clients can trust them to accomplish the maximum possible money compensation for their clients.

A firm dedicated to social justice and advocacy for underrepresented plaintiffs
The ideal law firm should seek justice for those who have been wronged – advocating for the rights of under-served people in the community. By pursuing the maximum possible compensation, the ideal law firm hopes to invoke change at an institutional level, improving business practices and altering established laws that may be unfair to others.

A firm recognized and rated by “Best Lawyers In America”
The Best Lawyers in America is a reputable list that details law firms who are rated by their peers and competitors as excellent in their craft. Being on the Best Lawyers list is a huge honor that only comes with having demonstrated superior and experience.

A firm where clients feels comfortable and respected with lawyers they can trust
Attorneys are there for their clients – the attorney client relationship is a partnership. Clients need to be comfortable and supported throughout the case.

A firm known to judges and other lawyers as being a leader in the bar
The ideal law firm has a reputation among others in the legal field as excellent in all respects and upholding the highest professional and ethical legal standards.

A large enough firm so that every client can have at least two experienced lawyers assigned to their case
Some law firms delegate cases to paralegals or junior associates because they are understaffed or over worked. The ideal law firm should give clients access to personalized attention ensuring that there are at least two experienced lawyers handling the litigation at any given time.

A firm known for teaching other lawyers how to handle cases in law schools and advocacy programs
for practicing attorneys
Attorneys who are capable of teaching other lawyers the proper methods of representation are much more accomplished in the field and in the courtroom, with exceptional knowledge, skills, and experience.

A firm with a record of no discipline with the State Bar
Lawyers who have received disciplinary action by the State Bar are not a good sign of quality or competence – and a law firm who continues to hire such attorneys may be a red flag for clients when choosing a lawyer.