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A silent, invisible killer lurks in every home …

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We all use gas-burning appliances at some point in our lives. These devices – and other appliances that burn oil, kerosene or wood for fuel – produce fumes that are highly toxic to humans. In sufficient concentrations, carbon monoxide can kill you in a matter of minutes.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can happen to anyone. Our firm has seen firsthand the tragic effects when appliances malfunction and vent deadly CO into confined spaces. We have won millions of dollars on behalf of victims and their families. We even helped one client change the law to require installation of CO detectors in all new housing.

Recently, we published a white paper discussing this deadly threat. After reading it, you’ll have the knowledge you need to reduce your risk of CO poisoning, including a clear understanding of:

  • How CO poisoning commonly happens
  • Symptoms of CO poisoning
  • Legal options for victims and their families

We invite you to download the free white paper, entitled “Without Warning: How Everyday Appliances Become Deadly Threats,” and to share it with others.