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San Francisco Taxicab Accident Verdicts & Settlements

Compensation for People Injured in Bay Area Taxi Accidents

The personal injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have a distinguished record of results for injured pedestrians in the Bay Area. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation in cases where pedestrians were hit by taxis, buses, cable cars and other public transit vehicles.

If you were hit by a San Francisco taxi, whether as a pedestrian, a passenger, a biker or when driving your own vehicle, contact a Bay Area personal injury lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger or call 1-(415) 981-7210 or (415) 981-7210.

$1 Million Settlement — Bicyclist Suffers Spinal Cord Injury in Accident Caused by Taxi

In this tragic case, our client was biking eastbound on Geary Street, approaching the intersection at Divisadero Street, when a taxi pulled out in front of him, forcing him to hit the brakes and take evasive action. Though the cyclist avoided hitting the taxi, the force of braking and swerving threw him to the ground. He suffered a fractured spine, which left him permanently paralyzed (quadriplegia).

$999,900 Settlement — Wrongful Death in Taxi Collision

Walkup car accident lawyers in San Francisco joined forces with another San Francisco lawyer to represent the parents of a 25-year-old man killed when a taxicab ran a red light. We worked with an accident reconstruction expert to show that the young man — unlike the taxicab driver — was following the rules of the road when the accident occurred.

$735,000 Settlement — Pedestrian Hit by Taxicab

Our taxi accident team achieved a $735,000 recovery on behalf of a 42-year-old woman struck by a DeSoto taxi cab while she was crossing The Embarcadero in a marked crosswalk in downtown San Francisco. We hired accident reconstruction engineers who were able to prove that the cab was exceeding 50 miles per hour when it struck our client. The cab driver originally claimed that a phantom car ahead of the cab had struck our client first, knocking her into the cab. The cab driver also claimed that our client was crossing against a red light. Our attorneys proved otherwise.

$425,000 Settlement — Pedestrian Hit by Taxi

Our pedestrian accident attorneys represented a 29-year-old man in San Francisco Superior Court for the loss of a toe. His foot was run over by a car whose driver lost control because of the actions of a negligent taxi driver. Our client was standing in the street at the corner of Duboce and Valencia when a taxi, traveling westbound on Duboce, made a left turn into oncoming traffic. A motorist traveling eastbound on Duboce swerved to avoid the taxi. The car skidded out of control and ran over our client’s left foot, crushing two toes. The taxi driver denied making a left turn and argued that our client was negligent for standing in the street while waiting to cross. After mediation and three settlement conferences, we were able to conclude the case the day before trial for $425,000.

$410,000 Settlement — Pedestrian Hit by Taxi

Our personal injury attorneys achieved a significant settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a taxicab while crossing the street outside the crosswalk. In cases like this, the state of California follows a doctrine called “comparative fault.” If the injured person was partially at fault, he or she cannot recover 100 percent of the damages. Instead, the plaintiff’s recovery is reduced by his or her share of the fault. In this case, while the plaintiff was partially at fault, so too was the taxi driver. Through vigorous argumentation at mediation, our client received fair compensation.

$325,000 Settlement — Disembarking Passenger Injured as Taxi Drives Away

Our client was vacationing in San Francisco. After visiting the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, he and his friends tried to take a taxicab back to their hotel. Before he was fully in the cab, though, the taxi driver drove off, spinning our client around and knocking him to the ground. He suffered a fractured hip that required an extended hospital stay.

$225,000 Settlement — Taxicab-Moped Collision

Our client was riding a moped in the Mission District when he was cut off by a taxicab driver attempting to make a left turn. As a result of the collision, our client suffered several fractured ribs as well as knee injuries that required surgery. Our taxicab collision attorneys demonstrated that none of the fault for the collision rested with our client. The taxicab driver was exclusively at fault.

If you were injured because of a taxi driver’s negligence, you have a right to seek financial compensation. Contact a San Francisco taxi accident attorney at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger for a free consultation.

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