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Public Transportation Injuries

We are municipal railway and public transit injury specialists with more than 50 years of experience representing MUNI riders, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

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San Francisco Electric Trolley Bus Accident Attorney

San Francisco has the largest trolley bus fleet in North America. Bay Area trolley buses have motors that are powered by electricity from overhead wires. Electric trolley buses serve areas of the City where the volume of ridership is large enough to justify the expense of the electrical power system.

Because electric trolleys operate in heavily congested areas, conditions are ripe for collisions with cars, bikes and pedestrians if the trolley driver is not cautious and aware of his or her surroundings.

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When it comes to serious injury cases involving San Francisco trolleys, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is the trolley accident law firm in the Bay Area. Please email or call now 1-(415) 981-7210 for an immediate consultation with a local transit accident attorney in San Francisco.

If you were injured in a trolley bus accident, you may be able to get financial compensation, but you need to talk with an experienced San Francisco electric trolley bus accident attorney right away.

Electric trolley buses are operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA, also called MUNI). To bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a government agency, you must first file a “tort claim.” The statute of limitations for filing a claim is 180 days following the accident. (Learn more about public transit injury claims.)

The trolley accident lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have been helping injured passengers, pedestrians, bikers and drivers for more than 50 years. Our team of Bay Area bus accident attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims of trolley driver negligence, including many tourists and business visitors.

  • In one unusual trolley injury case we handled, a pedestrian was injured when the electric line at the top of the trolley car (the pantograph) came off the line and hit our client.
  • More typical trolley accident injuries are the result of MUNI trolley bus drivers engaging in unsafe driving behavior. Pedestrians and bikers get hit when crossing the street. Cars collide with trolley buses when the bus driver cuts the car off making a turn.
  • Trolley bus passengers have also been hurt when boarding or exiting trolleys in unsafe locations. (Transit islands that require passengers to cross traffic to board buses are infamous among transit experts nationwide as examples of unsafe engineering.)

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If you were hurt as a passenger or in a collision with an electric trolley bus, take immediate action. MUNI accident claims — like all injury claims involving public transit in California — must be made within six months of the injury or you lose your right to recovery. This is a shorter statute of limitations than for most injury claims.

Contact a San Francisco electric trolley bus accident lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger. Call 1-(415) 981-7210 or (415) 981-7210 for a free no-obligation consultation. We handle all MUNI bus driver negligence cases on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay no attorney’s fees unless we are successful in achieving a financial recovery in your case.

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