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Have you or a family member been struck by a MUNI bus, trolley coach or injured while a passenger onboard a municipal railway bus? Have you been in a vehicular accident where a MUNI bus cut you off or violated your right of way? Have you been hit while riding your bike or crossing the street as a pedestrian? Has a municipal railway bus driver failed to stop his bus in a safe place so you could board or exit? Have you been hurt trying to get to or from a safe place to board? (Transit “islands,” which require passengers to cross traffic to board buses, are infamous among transit experts nationwide as examples of unsafe engineering.)

The MUNI injury specialists at San Francisco’s oldest and best injury law firm are ready to help you. We have handled a case like yours before. We specialize in serious and catastrophic injuries including limb amputations, brain damage, paralysis and wrongful death.

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When it comes to serious injury cases involving MUNI in San Francisco, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is the premier MUNI accident law firm in the Bay Area. Please email or call now (415) 981-7210 for an immediate consultation with a local public transit attorney in San Francisco.

  • The MUNI bus injury lawyers at Walkup Melodia Kelly and Schoenberger represent passengers and pedestrians who have suffered serious injuries involving Bay Area public transportation. Our team of experienced bus accident attorneys has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of victims of bus driver negligence.
  • We handle all MUNI cases on a contingent fee basis – you pay a legal fee only if our efforts on your behalf are successful. If you have suffered a serious injury, you need the best: the Walkup team of MUNI bus injury attorneys.

See for yourself. Explore our mass transit accident results page which discusses some of our successes.

MUNI Information

  • MUNI runs diesel, electric and natural gas busses on more than 35 routes that criss-cross the City. According to the most recent data available from the agency, MUNI reported that the number of operators involved in one or more accidents increased by 8 percent over the previous year.
  • In September 1997, the National Transportation Safety Board severely criticized MUNI’s driver safety practices and called for a reform. In 1999, auditors from the California Public Utilities Commission found that MUNI did not have adequate safety procedures, and that the safety rules it did have were not being followed. The auditors also reported that MUNI’s accident rate exceeded the rate for all other transit agencies under its jurisdiction, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego.
  • Proposition E, passed by voters in November 1999, restructured the governing board of MUNI and called for safety improvements. Those problems relate to the quality of MUNI drivers, the overworking of drivers, and a lax disciplinary process for drivers involved in accidents.
  • Unlike the transit agencies for Atlanta, Seattle, New York City, and Chicago, MUNI does not require bus driver applicants to have commercial driving licenses. And unlike public transport systems in many major cities — including Seattle, Atlanta, New York City, and Sacramento — MUNI does not require that job applicants have two or more years of professional driving experience.
  • As a “common carrier” MUNI is required by law to use the highest degree of care and vigilance to ensure the safety of its passengers. It is also required under the law to provide vehicles that are safe and fit to transport passengers.

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Don’t delay in contacting our team if you have a valid case. Call today (415) 981-7210. Time is of the essence. Claims against MUNI must be made within six months or your rights will be lost. This is a shorter statute of limitations than for most ordinary injury accidents.