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Public Transportation Injuries

We are municipal railway and public transit injury specialists with more than 50 years of experience representing MUNI riders, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

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San Francisco Streetcar/Trolley Accident Attorney

The San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) owns roughly 90 historic streetcars and trolleys which it operates on Market Street and along The Embarcadero as the “F-Line.” This so-called “vintage streetcar fleet” is made up of vehicles that have come from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City and other American cities. Many of the vehicles are “PCC’s,” manufactured in the early 1900’s and run on the streets of a number of American cities (including San Francisco) from 1930 through 1965.

These vehicles are old and have none of the safety features, braking enhancements, or accident avoidance components that are found on modern day transit vehicles.

Skilled Injury Representation

The MUNI railway injury lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have successfully brought claims against the San Francisco Municipal Railway for injuries caused by negligent operation of antique F-Line streetcars. Cases handled by our office have included pedestrians struck by F-Line trolleys, vehicles struck by F-Line cars, passengers injured on board F-Line cars as a result of sudden starts, stops and other jolts, and property damage caused by negligent F-Line streetcar operation. We have successfully brought claims against negligent F-Line operators for exceeding mandatory MUNI speed limits, running through red lights, failing to yield for pedestrians in crosswalks, and otherwise violating MUNI’s safety regulations relating to surface travel through intersections.

Quaint But Dangerous

Although the F-Line antique vehicles are quaint to look at as they roll along Market Street, they present significant risks to other motorists, bicyclists, taxi passengers, and pedestrians. The vehicles incorporate a “brake lag” which has similar effects to the brake lag found on LRV’s. Effective braking does not happen until 2 seconds after the brakes are applied. At 10 miles per hour, this means a car travels 30 feet before the train begins to slow. On crowded downtown streets this can be critical. Our MUNI injury specialists have taken sworn testimony and depositions from many MUNI supervisors and F-Line operators. We understand the engineering issues which are presented in F-Line operation, and our experts know how to reconstruct F-Line accidents.

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