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Public Transportation Injuries

We are municipal railway and public transit injury specialists with more than 50 years of experience representing MUNI riders, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

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San Francisco BART Injury Lawyers   

The San Francisco municipal transportation and trial settlement lawyers of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have handled cases against the Bay Area Rapid Transit district (BART) for more than 20 years. Because BART is a public entity, operated by its own administrative board, a government claim must be filed with the governing board before any lawsuits can be undertaken.

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When it comes to serious injury cases involving BART, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger is the premier mass transit accident law firm in the Bay Area. Please email or 415-981-72103 for an immediate consultation with a local public transit attorney.

BART Information And Cases

  • Official construction of BART was begun in 1964. Construction on the initial phase was completed in 1972. Through the years, BART patrons have been injured in many ways: in cars, on the tracks, in stations, in parking lots, on escalators and on station stairways. There are over 100 miles of BART track and 30 miles of track through subways and tunnels. There are 43 BART stations: 15 on the surface; 13 that are elevated and 15 which are subway stations. BART also has its own peculiar government code claim form, which can be found at its web site at www.bart.gov.
  • In 2006, a fire in the tunnel between the Montgomery and Embarcadero stations in San Francisco caused passengers to panic. The train was full of smoke. Passengers were injured as a result of smoke inhalation. In August 2006, a middle-aged man was struck by a Richmond bound train in the Union City BART station and immediately killed. A 25 year-old woman was struck by a Daly City bound train at the West Oakland BART station in September of 2006. In 2007, a person was found underneath a 4-car train at the Pittsburgh-Bay Point station. The train was proceeding from San Francisco when it ran over the pedestrian.
  • As with any other public transportation vehicle, a BART train must be operated consistent with the highest duty of care. Operators and other BART employees must conduct themselves consistent with the legal duties imposed upon common carriers. BART, like other operators of commercial enterprises which hold themselves out to the public as offering transportation of passengers or freight for hire, must take special precaution that others are not required to observe.

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If you or a loved one has been injured because of BART negligence, you have the right to seek financial compensation. Our BART trial and settlement team of skilled personal injury attorneys can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your claim against BART. Call us at (415) 981-7210.

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