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Safety Groups Push For Wider Ignition Interlock Mandates

Several national safety groups are pushing for a wider adoption of ignition interlock mandates for first-time drunk drivers. Intoxicated driving is one of the most common causes of serious car accidents and studies have shown that the use of an ignition interlock device prevents recidivism. An ignition interlock is a small device that requires a…

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NHTSA Investigates Deadly Bus Driveshaft Defect

Federal safety regulators have begun a probe into a possible bus defect which may have contributed to several serious recent bus accidents. Bus accidents are among the most serious types of traffic incidents in California and seriously many people every year. The federal probe started when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received a complaint…

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Hospitals Adopting Fairer Approach to Medical Malpractice Claims

A new transparent approach to medical malpractice claims management pioneered by the University of Michigan Health System was recently adopted by seven major Massachusetts hospitals. The UMHS approach is called the “Michigan Claims Management Model” and has been recognized as an effective way of helping improve patient safety and addressing unanticipated adverse medical outcomes in…

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