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Attorneys Representing the Victims of Building Fires

When a smoke alarm fails, when there is no smoke alarm, when fire safety equipment fails to work properly, a fire can cause terrible, unnecessary tragedy in the home. Who is responsible? Our fire injury lawyers can determine responsibility.

  • All buildings must meet minimal fire code standards. If the structure was built without required fire safety equipment, the builder and any inspectors should be held accountable.
  • A missing or broken fire escape that keeps someone from escaping a fire can mean severe burns and smoke inhalation injuries.
  • Fire doors that are missing or left open can cause a fire to expand quickly throughout a building.
  • If a landlord or building owner fails to maintain smoke alarms according to law, that person should be held responsible for burn injuries. By law, a landlord cannot delegate responsibility for smoke alarm maintenance.
  • A housing authority that fails to keep fire safety equipment and alarm systems in good working order can be sued for burn injuries or wrongful deaths caused by negligence.
  • When a building owner fails to maintain furnaces and water heaters in good condition, if a fire starts and injures innocent people, the building owner is liable for damages.

Home and Apartment Fire Injury Lawyers

At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our burn injury lawyers will take such cases to trial to assure the victims receive the compensation they need and deserve.

A fire can engulf an entire building in a matter of minutes. If that building does not have properly installed and maintained smoke alarms, residents may not have time to escape without serious burns. If the building was constructed using dangerous flammable materials, the fire will travel faster and more furiously.

If the building owner does not adequately maintain fire escapes, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment, the result could be wrongful death or years of recovery from painful burn injuries. If your burn injuries were caused by landlord liability, we can make a premises liability claim on your behalf.

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