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San Francisco Flammable Liquids Burn Injury Lawyer

Liquid chemicals, gas, or oil needs to be transported, stored, and used with great concern for safety. If safety processes are not followed, these flammable liquids can catch on fire or explode, causing serious burn injuries and wrongful death.

  • A badly designed or badly placed gas tank can turn a car accident into a deadly fire.
  • If there is a gas leak in a furnace or water heater, simply lighting the pilot light can cause an explosion and result in serious burn injuries.
  • A chemical fire at an industrial site or a refinery fire can quickly grow out of control and severely burn workers.
  • A poorly connected propane tank can burn and explode, harming anyone in the vicinity.

Flammable liquids can create an extraordinarily dangerous situation. In many cases, the leak is the result of a bad design, incorrect installation, or poor maintenance. Anyone and everyone responsible for placing lives in a deadly situation caused by flammable liquids should be held accountable for their negligence.

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