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Attorneys Handling Electrocution Injury and Electrical Burn Cases

Electricity is a powerful force that has to be handled with care. When a subcontractor installs dangerous temporary wiring or when a utility pole fails because of improper maintenance, the result can be serious electrical burns or electrocution. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, our burn injury lawyers understand the technology that leads to electrical accidents. We also understand the medical issues involved.

Standing Up For The Rights Of Injured Clients

  • When a utility pole rotted and collapsed causing an electrocution, the subcontractor responsible for pole maintenance was held accountable.
  • A worker in a poorly insulated bucket truck can suffer electrical burns or electrocution while working on live power lines. Walkup lawyers have handled bucket-truck accidents.
  • When a crane operator or backhoe or jackhammer cuts through an underground cable, workers can be electrocuted.
  • A cable in an excavation was declared to be dead (not carrying electricity). It was live and caused the electrocution of a worker. Walkup burn injury lawyers recovered for the victim.
  • Temporary wiring installed at a construction site turned a puddle of water into a dangerous electrified pool that injured workers.

Many electrocution and electrical burn accidents cause a wrongful death. Other electrical burns require a long, painful, difficult recovery and, in many cases, lifelong disability. At the Walkup, Melodia law firm, our attorneys have the experience and determination to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you need. We also handle wrongful death claims on behalf of people who have lost a loved one in an electrical accident.

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