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Smoke inhalation is a serious, life-threatening situation that can result from being in a fire for just a few minutes. When a person breathes in extremely hot air and the gases, vapors, and particulate matter present in smoke, physical damage can include burning or swelling of the air passages and the lungs.

  • Smoke inhalation symptoms may not appear for 24-48 hours after the fire. That can mean a delay in seeking medical help and starting treatment.
  • The worse the victim is burned, the worse the smoke inhalation symptoms are likely to be.
  • Those most vulnerable to smoke inhalation are young children (under 11) and elderly people (over 70).

In residential fires and in fuel-fed car fires, the carbon monoxide poisoning from smoke inhalation can be deadly. While skin burns are more obvious and more likely to receive treatment, oxygen therapy is needed for the smoke inhalation injury.

Smoke inhalation damage can occur any time there is prolonged exposure to smoke-as little as a few minutes. If you have suffered from smoke inhalation, talk to a burn injury lawyer about the circumstances. You have the right to compensation from the person or entity responsible for the fire.

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Recovery from burn injuries and smoke inhalation can take years. Even then, the smoke inhalation victim may have chronic pulmonary problems for a lifetime. At the Walkup, Melodia law firm, our attorneys understand the long-term consequences of smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

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