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When clothing catches fire and burns the victim, an essential question needs to be answered: What caused the fire? While your clothing may have burned, the clothing itself was not the fire’s cause. Does the clothing meet national standards for fire retardant performance?

By establishing the reason for the fire, our team at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger can help you recover the compensation you need for recovery from burn injuries.

Fighting For Your Rights After Clothing Has Caught Fire

  • When a woman rescued her son from a burning car fire, her clothing caught fire. In this case, the burns were caused by the car fire and made worse by her clothes.
  • In some cases, clothing does not meet the standards set by the Flammable Fabrics Act. If that is the case, the clothing may intensify the burn injuries.
  • In every fire injury case, Walkup, Melodia will consider all the factors that contributed to the burns-including the flammable clothing factor. Flammable fabric regulations are especially important in children’s clothing, and Walkup burn injury lawyers have successfully prosecuted the makers of flammable children’s clothing.

Burn injuries are extremely painful. The medical issues can be complex and include years of skin grafting and surgery. It is important to discuss your situation with a burn injury attorney who has the experience and knowledge to fully assess all possible avenues for compensation.

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All clothing will burn given enough heat and flames. But when a fabric does not meet minimal standards, it will ignite easily-perhaps with only a fireplace spark. In those cases, the manufacturer can be held accountable for burn injuries. Prompt investigation is key.

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