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Public Transportation Injuries

We are municipal railway and public transit injury specialists with more than 50 years of experience representing MUNI riders, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

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San Francisco Injuries to Tourists — Verdicts & Settlements

Compensation for Tourists Injured in Bay Area Public Transit Accidents

The MUNI accident lawyers at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger have a long tradition of representing tourists and visitors to the Bay Area who were injured during their stay. Our public transit accident attorneys consistently achieve significant settlements and jury verdicts for our clients, regardless of the type of accident or injury. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for out-of-state and international visitors.

If you were a visitor who suffered serious injuries, or your loved one died while in San Francisco on vacation or business, contact a Bay Area injured tourist lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger or call 1-(415) 981-7210 or (415) 981-7210.

$4 Million-Plus Settlement — Cable Car Accident

An empty cable car crashed into a cable car carrying our client, a tourist from Vancouver, British Columbia. He was one of seven people hurt in the cable car crash. He was trapped between the two cable cars for 90 minutes. Doctors had to amputate our client’s left leg below the knee. His right ankle was also damaged. Our cable car negligence lawyers successfully represented the plaintiff in his Municipal railway negligence case, achieving a settlement that exceeded $4 million.

$2.5 Million-Plus Settlement — Airport Shuttle Accident

Our airport shuttle negligence team negotiated a settlement in a personal injury/wrongful death case involving an airport shuttle bus accident. Our client and his wife were riding in a shuttle bus from SFO to San Francisco when the shuttle collided with a fixed object, injuring our client and killing his wife. He suffered 12 displaced rib fractures, lacerations, a degloved finger and nerve damage. As a result of his wife’s death, he also experienced overwhelming grief. Past and future economic damages were estimated to exceed $1 million.

$2.095 Million Settlement — Cable Car Derailment

In Passenger v. CCSF Municipal Railway, our MUNI accident attorneys reached a mediated resolution of a common carrier negligence case against the San Francisco Municipal Railway on behalf of a visitor from Texas injured on the Powell Street cable car line. At the intersection of Mason and Washington, the cable car lost momentum in the turn and became stuck. Instead of calling for assistance from a MUNI tow truck, the MUNI operators decided to push it by hand. Once the cable car was free and moving, they re-boarded to discover that the front door was jammed closed, blocking access to the car’s main brakes. The runaway cable car picked up speed heading down Washington Street before derailing in the turn onto Powell. The derailment ejected our client onto the street, resulting in a badly fractured right leg. Our client required two surgeries and developed a non-union at the fracture site. As part of the settlement, the City and County agreed to pay our client’s outstanding medical bill of $345,000.

$325,000 Settlement — Disembarking Passenger Injured As Taxi Drives Away

Our client was vacationing in San Francisco when he was involved in a taxi accident. After visiting the California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, our client and his friends attempted to take a taxicab back to their hotel. Before he was fully in the cab, the taxi driver drove off, spinning our client around and knocking him to the ground. He suffered a fractured hip that required an extended hospital stay.

If you are a visitor to the Bay Area and need the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer, contact a San Francisco tourist accident lawyer at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger for a free consultation.

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