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Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Is Wrong

A driver in downtown San Francisco fled the scene of a serious accident recently, but the police fortunately apprehended her later in the day. This is yet another example of drivers who try to get away from the problems they caused, only to suffer more extensive punishment because of their decision. No one should flee the scene of an accident. There is no reason to do this. You immediately escalate a civil wrong to a criminal act. And drivers who stay at the scene are able to help those who have been hurt by their conduct

The 32-year-old defendant driver plowed through an intersection. During her attempt to get through the intersection, she struck a bicyclist. Thankfully, the cyclist did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but still needed to be hospitalized as a result of the accident. After the wreck the auto driver fled the scene. The police caught her shortly after the crash, and she now faces serious charges. 

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Are On The Rise

A recent report revealed that one category, which California sits atop of, isn't the type you want to be famous for; the Governors Highway Safety Association found that California, Florida, New York and Texas accounted for 42 percent of pedestrian fatalities nationwide. Even with an 11 percent decrease in the number of fatal pedestrian accidents in the first half of 2016 when compared with the same period in 2015 in California ranked #1 for fatal pedestrian accidents.

This statistic reflects a scary trend nationwide. Fatal pedestrian accidents have reached highs that haven't been seen in decades. From 2015 to 2016, fatal pedestrian accidents increased more than 10 percent to the highest level in 25 years. From 2010 to 2015, fatal pedestrian accidents increased 25 percent. The most troubling trend is the sheer number of distracted drivers out there causing harm. 

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A Walkup Law Firm trial team including partner Matthew Davis, associate Jeff Clause and headed by senior partner Michael Kelly obtained a $4 million verdict in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 against the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District arising from the wrongful death of Lori Helmer, a 51 year old finance executive who was struck and killed by a Golden Gate Transit bus on November 6, 2014 at the intersection of Van Ness and Lombard streets while she was out for a morning jog. When she was fatally struck, Ms. Helmer was crossing Van Ness from west to east when a left turning Route 54 bus ran over her, crushing her abdomen and pelvis with the rear dual wheels, resulting in her death two hours later at San Francisco General Hospital.

2016 in product recalls

The year 2016 was a big one for product recalls, with perhaps the massive recalls of Takata airbags and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 making the most headlines. Many of these recalls were the result of consumers suffering serious injury because of the product was defectively designed or manufactured.

13-year-old dies of brain tumor missed by hospital

Failure to take a patient's symptoms seriously or to obtain a complete and thorough history of symptoms enough can lead to catastrophe. That is what the family of a teenage girl who died of a brain tumor in 2016 say caused her death. They are suing the hospital and three doctors for medical malpractice for failing to diagnose the tumor in time to treat it.

San Francisco unveils 1st 'protected intersection'

San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign includes an effort to avoid personal injuries to citizens by, in part, changing city's streets to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists. City officials optimistically hope to eliminate traffic fatalities in San Francisco by 2024.

10 injured, 5 seriously in car wreck at Chinatown bus stop

Even waiting at the bus stop in San Francisco is not as safe as you might think. Minding your own business on the curb still can put you in the path of an out-of-control car or truck and expose you to serious injury.