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Fearing accidents, police tackle speeding in South San Francisco

There are many ways a driver can cause another motorist to suffer an injury. Violating another vehicle’s right of way, distracted driving and following too closely are just a few of the common causes of car accidents. But another factor that can contribute to car accidents, despite being almost ubiquitous, is often overlooked. Speeding not… read more

Yet another auto recall in 2014, this one from Toyota

Have you tried calling the service department at your local car dealership lately? If you’re like millions of other Americans, you have, and have found them unable to pencil you in. The flood of 2014 auto recalls is continuing, and many of those with recalled autos are finding themselves unable to get an appointment with… read more

Woman wins suit, warns others about hazards of medical device

After a patient was implanted with a synthetic mesh sling designed to cure minor urinary incontinence, she began to feel sharp, tearing pain. She alleged that the serrated edges of the synthetic mesh sling were acting like miniature saw blades in her pelvis. The woman filed suit against the maker of the mesh device, Boston… read more

FDA considers possibility of standardizing medical device labels

Sometimes an inherently dangerous product is perfectly safe if used as directed. There could be a variety of sources of information about using a product safely, but one of the most common is product packaging and labeling. For example, picture a sleep aid medication. Take too much, and it could be harmful. But labels on… read more

New study says predecessor guardrail design actually safer

Guardrails are installed with the intention of making roads and highways safer for motorists. Yet, sometime guardrails that are poorly designed can be extremely hazardous, particularly when a motorist strikes a guardrail end terminal. In a new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Engineering, researchers compared five unique guardrail end terminal… read more

Was your consent to a medical procedure truly informed?

All medical procedures have risks. When a physician completes his or her duties to an acceptable standard of care, he or she will not bear legal responsibility for harm that arose due to a known risk of a procedure. However, breaching the standard of care can be subtle. It is not always something as bombastic… read more

Spinal injury breakthrough could result in better treatments

Thousands of Americans are stricken with spinal cord injuries every year. A major spinal cord injury changes someone’s life in an instant. Limited treatments are available, and many spinal cord injury victims will face partial or total paralysis for the rest of their lives. However, modern medicine can do some amazing things, and there are… read more

Pedestrian safety top priority during back to school season

Last year in San Francisco, there were 21 pedestrian fatalities. Just a few weeks ago on August 15, a 2-year-old child was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in San Francisco. San Francisco, despite being a relatively safe city, does have an issue with pedestrian accidents. As the school year just started, drivers should… read more

Were lessons learned from high profile Mattel lead paint recall?

Back in 2007, toymaker Mattel issued a massive recall concerning toys that contained lead paint. Mattel said that all of the recalled toys had been manufactured by Chinese contractors. Since Mattel had not previously experienced problems with these manufacturers, they did not have stringent oversight procedures in place. After the lead paint issue was brought… read more

My Medtronic insulin pump has been recalled; Now what?

Medtronic recently issued a recall of various insulin pump models due to a faulty design that allows users to accidentally deliver the maximum amount of insulin by inadvertently pressing a button. This recall concerns an enormous amount of devices: nearly 560,000 insulin pumps have been recalled. A total of 444,374 of these devices are in… read more