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Three days, three more massive auto recalls

If you have been following the news, you have probably been hearing nearly nonstop coverage about ebola. While ebola is certainly a serious issue that officials should deal with, the fact is that only one person in America has died from Ebola. Dozens have been killed and hundreds injured this year alone by defective automobiles…. read more

Six vehicle crash involving truck causes injury, closes highway

On Oct. 15, a serious motor vehicle crash took place in San Jose on southbound Interstate Highway 280. Unusually, one of the vehicles involved was a tanker truck full of liquid chemicals that are used for portable toilets. According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision took place shortly after 5:00 a.m. near the onramp… read more

San Francisco biker turns motorcycle crash into safety innovation

Whenever someone is injured or killed in a preventable motor vehicle accident, it is a tragedy. But often some good can come of a tragedy if it is used as a learning opportunity to prevent similar costly mishaps in the future. One example of this is a San Francisco motorcyclist and his colleagues who have… read more

Traffic cameras shut down, council says they don’t stop crashes

About five years ago, American Traffic Solutions was contracted to install red light cameras at two intersections in South San Francisco. The red light cameras monitored the intersections of El Camino Real and Westborough Boulevard, and El Camino Real and Hickey Boulevard. These intersections were targeted because they had been specifically identified as having unusually… read more

Study: information about medical device safety sorely lacking

Consumer product safety is important regardless of the type of product; any item can be dangerous if it enters the stream of commerce with hazardous defects. But when it comes to products that are going to be implanted directly into or onto the human body, it is blatantly obvious that safety standards need to clear… read more

Yet another new wave of auto recalls; when will it end?

On September 29, The Wall Street Journal ran an article announcing that Toyota Motor Co. will recall approximately 690,000 Tacoma pickup trucks over rear suspension issues. Reportedly, springs in the rear suspension could corrode and fracture, causing fractured spring ends to puncture the fuel tank. The recall affects model years 2005 through 2011 of the… read more

Groups grumble about dealerships selling recalled used autos

If you have been following the news (or following this blog), you are well aware that the onslaught of automobile recalls in 2014 has been as unrelenting as a hurricane. While the GM ignition switch recall received the most attention, dozens of other recalls from numerous automakers concerning product defects have also fueled the rising… read more