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Google announces 3 injuries in self-driving car crash

Readers may have heard that Internet giant and soon-to-be automaker Google has vowed to be more open with the public when its test vehicles get into accidents. This has already led to a series of news stories about collisions involving Google’s self-driving prototypes, perhaps leading some to wonder if such vehicles will indeed eliminate most… read more

Goodyear ordered to pay $2.7M for hiding evidence during lawsuit

The judicial process requires parties and their lawyers to be truthful and honest. Unfortunately, big corporations do not always play by the rules. They often attempt to hide evidence in order to shield themselves from responsibility or fault, or from paying legitimate compensation to victims. This kind dishonesty is why Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co…. read more

What is an apology worth? To many medical malpractice victims, quite a lot

For many patients injured by the carelessness of medical professionals money is not the prime motivator to seek justice. Some patients simply want to hear the doctor responsible for their injuries say, “I’m sorry.” A heartfelt apology from someone who has harmed us can have real psychological and emotional benefits. Beyond just expressing sympathy (“I… read more

Takata CEO breaks his silence on deadly airbag defect

After months of silence, it appears that the prospect of the Congressional hearings has finally motivated the CEO of Takata to apologize for making defective airbags that have killed at least eight people. On June 25, Shigehisa Takata, grandson of the auto parts company’s founder, admitted at a press conference that he had missed several… read more

Challenging “The Gig Economy” Model: Whereby Multi-Billion Dollar App-Based Companies Refuse to Compensate Innocent Victims Injured by Their Workers

The New York Times ran an editorial on Sunday that began with this trenchant observation: There is a long history of businesses that try to deprive workers of the protections and benefits they are entitled to under the law by wrongly treating them as independent contractors, rather than employees. Now, some workers and regulators are… read more

Walkup Meoldia’s Doris Cheng inducted into elite legal organization

We at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger are proud to announce that Doris Cheng has been selected for membership in the American College of Trial Lawyers. This special honor was made even more special when the ACTL asked Doris to “speak for her class” of 82 new members at the organization’s recent annual meeting. The… read more

Retired judge killed by SUV while riding his bicycle

A retired Arizona judge was killed recently while riding his bicycle on a California road near Lake Tahoe. It appears that the driver of the SUV that hit him failed to give the victim enough room as he drove past. As the cyclist rode, a Jeep Grand Cherokee came up from behind him, going an… read more

Bay Area driver goes onto sidewalk, killing 1 and injuring 5

Even when pedestrians are not crossing the street, they are still at risk for being struck by wayward auto drivers. Within the last three years, our attorneys here at Walkup Melodia have handled three major injury accident cases where drivers either lost control, became confused about their surroundings, or absentmindedly put their car into drive… read more

8 things to do after a car accident

Car accidents happen all the time in San Francisco, and they can be difficult to avoid. When a driver runs a red light, is texting while driving or is drunk driving, there is little other drivers can do to protect themselves. While no one hopes to be in an accident, it is a good idea… read more

Legal Analysis of San Francisco Ordinance that Possibly Shielded Alleged Killer from Deportation

The July 1stmurder of Kathryn Steinle has triggered a divisive national debate over the wisdom of local sanctuary laws and the effectiveness of the nation’s immigration policies. At least one presidential candidate cites the killing as a reason to increase border controls and crack down on undocumented immigrants. The extremes of the political spectrum have… read more