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Bicycle-on-bicycle accidents can cause injury too

This blog frequently reports on people who were hurt or killed while riding their bicycle, which is an all-too-frequent occurrence in San Francisco. Most of the time, our posts are about cyclists getting hit by cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. However, sometimes two or more bicycles collide with each other. While the force of… read more

Investigation into defective airbags expands beyond Takata

The massive Takata Corp. airbag recall has put these safety devices in the spotlight. Questions are beginning to surface about whether airbags were designed to stand the test of time, or if they are the equivalent of ticking time bombs in Americans’ steering wheels and dashboards. As we have discussed before in this blog, nearly… read more

Wrongful death lawsuit against Greyhound revived on appeal

A wrongful death lawsuit against Greyhound Lines Inc. is back on, after a California court of appeals ruled that the trial judge wrongfully dismissed the case. The court ruled that there remain questions of fact for the plaintiffs and Greyhound to present to a jury. According to The Sacramento Bee, the original lawsuit accused Greyhound… read more

Remembering a Muni streetcar accident…from 1913

Except perhaps for the Golden Gate Bridge, nothing symbolizes San Francisco as much as its cablecars. The San Francisco Municipal Railway has been in operation for more than 100 years, now including natural gas, biofuel, electried busses, streetcars, cable cars and light rail trains. Thousands of people use the Muni system every day to get… read more