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Steps to Take if You Experience Police Misconduct or Abuse

Every year, people experience abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve. You will not find accurate statistics on instances of police misconduct and abuse because many survivors never come forward. They are silent victims of a prominent problem within the criminal justice system. When you interact with police officers, even during an arrest, you have certain inalienable rights. You have the right to remain silent, to record police interactions, to decline giving consent to a search, and to fair and reasonable treatment during detainment and incarceration, among other things. If a law enforcement officer…

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Toy Manufacturer Injury Lawsuits

New toys enter the marketplace every day. In recent years, hover boards, fidget spinners, and other must-have toys have entered the spotlight as potentially unsafe gadgets. Parents should be able to trust toy manufacturers and marketing messages. When toy companies fail to design, manufacture, and label toys with child safety in mind, consumers retain the right to take legal action. According to the most recent information from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 11 children under the age of 15 died from toy-related incidents in 2015. During the same year, hospitals treated around 254,200 injuries involving toys. The majority of incidents…

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Public Transportation Injuries and Legal Claims

In general, public transportation is a safe and cost-effective way to travel. When bus, train, taxi, and cable car accidents do take place, however, they tend to cause serious and life threatening injuries. If you are involved in a public transit accident and suffer an injury, you will likely qualify for benefits through the at-fault driver’s insurance. Liability in Public Transportation Accidents Many states, including California, are at-fault states. This means that the at-fault driver will face liability for the accidents and injuries he or she causes. Every driver is responsible for maintaining a reasonable duty of care on the…

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Steps to Take if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem throughout the United States. We could list statistics showcasing known instances of abuse, but the truth is that most nursing home abuse statistics fall short of reality. The numbers from government agencies and other sources are decades behind. Instead, we want to empower friends, family members, and other visitors to take meaningful action when they suspect instances of abuse. Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Nursing home abuse and elder abuse encompass a range of abusive behaviors. Nursing home and visitors may financially, physically, emotionally, and sexually abuse residents. In many cases, no…

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Food Poisoning, Restaurants, and Lawsuits

The US is home to hundreds of thousands of restaurants. Diners place their trust in restaurant food safety practices every day. Unfortunately, those restaurants do not always put their diners’ best interests first. Sloppy cleaning practices, improper food storage, and low-quality food sourcing can all contribute to a nasty case of food poisoning. In some cases, the harm is severe enough to warrant legal action against the restaurant. This is what you should know. What Is Food Poisoning? Food poisoning is more than a passing stomach bug or a sensitive stomach. Symptoms typically arise within hours of consuming tainted food…

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