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Did I Misuse a Product or Was It Defective?

If you recently incurred injury while using a product, you may wonder if you have legal grounds for a product liability claim. Injuries involving the products we use every day fall under the realm of product liability law. In certain instances, you may be able to collect damages to pay for medical bills, compensate for lost wages, and provide compensation for intangible losses such as pain and suffering. This applies when: Someone manufactured or sold you a defective product A defect led to your injuries You were using the product as intended It’s important to realize that just because you…

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How to Ensure You Place Your Loved One in a Safe Nursing Home

When our loved ones can no longer care for themselves, sometimes we must put our trust in others to make sure their needs are met. It can be difficult to trust a family member’s care to a complete stranger – how can you be sure that your loved one gets all the care they need and deserve? The answer requires a little vigilance on your part. How can you be sure you’re putting your loved one in a safe nursing home? Here are some suggestions: Look At the Actions of Other Residents You’ll likely tour a number of facilities before…

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Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

You faithfully pay your insurance premiums on time, and reasonably expect others to do the same. It can be frustrating then, to be involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured. Unfortunately this is not uncommon. Should you find yourself in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, take the following steps: Call the Police It’s always a good idea to summon the police to the scene of an accident, but especially when there’s an uninsured driver involved. Having an official police report will help you get your expenses covered under your own uninsured driver…

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CAOC 2017 Award Finalists Consumer Attorney Winner

SACRAMENTO (Aug. 24, 2017) – Consumer Attorneys of California president Greg Bentley today announced this year’s finalists for the organization’s two major member awards, Consumer Attorney of the Year. The winners will be revealed at CAOC’s Annual Installation and Awards Dinner Nov. 18, 2017 to be held in conjunction with CAOC’s 56th Annual Convention at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Consumer Attorney of the Year is awarded to a CAOC member or members who significantly advanced the rights or safety of California consumers by achieving a noteworthy result in a case. Among the nominated finalists are Walkup Melodia attorneys…

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Johnson & Johnson Hit with Massive $417M Verdict

California Talcum Powder Cancer Trial A Los Angeles jury issued Johnson & Johnson with a $417M verdict for failure to warn about the increased risk of ovarian cancer due to regular use of its talcum powder products. This was the first trial in California that explored the link between Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products and ovarian cancer, and surely will not be the last. The plaintiff, 63-year-old Eva Echeverria, claims that regular, repeated use of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder for decades, may have contributed to her terminal ovarian cancer. As a result, the jury awarded Echeverria $70 million…

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Uber Takes Another Hit- Consumer Privacy Violations

Ridesharing company Uber is making headlines again, this time bringing into question the privacy of their customers and their employees. Last week, Uber agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for failing to protect consumers’ sensitive data and privacy. Although they are not required to pay a settlement, they are required to hire a privacy auditing firm to oversee its privacy practices every two years for the next two decades. Any violations stemming from those visits may result in financial penalties. These accusations alleged that Uber not only misled the public about its efforts to bolster privacy, but also…

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