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Can I Still Sue If I Wasn’t Wearing a Bicycle Helmet?    

Thousands of bicycle accidents happen every year in California, and injured bicyclists may wonder what their options for legal recourse are after such an event. California law changed in 2015 to allow bicyclists over the age of 18 to decide whether they wish to wear helmets while riding. The state still requires that riders under the age of 18 wear helmets, but adults are free to ride bicycles without helmets. However, they do so at their own risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of death or head injury…

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How to Safely Use the Bird Scooters and Lime Bikes

California has seen a recent proliferation of bike and scooter share services, the largest and most ubiquitous being Lime and Bird. These services allow customers to use a smartphone app to unlock a vacant Lime bike or scooter or Bird scooter. Once unlocked, the customer pays for service and can take the bike or scooter wherever they like, using the smartphone app to lock the bike and end the fare. Lime and Bird allow customers to leave their bikes and scooters wherever they like, so long as they are out of the way of road traffic and pedestrian traffic on…

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Distracted Walking Outlawed in SoCal City

You’ve heard about the dangers of distracted driving – but what about distracted walking? You might not be putting others’ lives at risk when you walk while distracted, but you could be putting yourself in significant danger. According to the National Safety Council, distracted walking incidents are increasing. A combination of more walkable cities and increased cell phone use is driving up the numbers of pedestrian accidents. Now, one Southern California city is doing something about distracted walking. The Dangers of Distracted Walking Walking while distracted can remove a pedestrian’s eyes from the walkway and mind from the task at…

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