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Is Lane-Splitting Legal in California?

If you are a motorcyclist in California, you probably do everything you can to stay safe and legal on the highways. This includes following all of the California traffic laws and regulations regarding motorcycle use. One motorcycle practice that many people may not know is legal in California is lane-splitting. Whether you are a motorcyclist… read more

Walkup partners instrumental in funding a $1,000,000 gift to the project which will be commemorated by the naming of the main lecture hall in honor of the Walkup firm.

Mike Kelly, Rich Schoenberger and Matt Davis toured the new UC Hastings College of the Law classroom building set to open in March 2020 with Dean David Faigman (center) and Chief Development Officer Eric Dumbleton (second from the left) on October 24. The facility will house state of the art classrooms, study areas, faculty offices,… read more

Mike Kelly lectured at the Summit Councils first annual Trial School In Phoenix this week

Trial School 2019 is off to an excellent start. Thank you to our outstanding faculty; Rich Newsome, Alex Alvarez, Josh Karton, John Carpenter, Mel Orchard, Jim Perdue Jr., John Uustal, Robert Eglet, Cliff Atkinson, John H. Gomez, Chris Strombaugh and Mike Kelly.  

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the careless or negligent actions of someone else, you may end up needing a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are there to represent you when you file a lawsuit against the negligent party to recover compensation for your losses. It is important to… read more

Doris Cheng honored with Prestigious Award

Walkup Partner Doris Cheng will be honored with the Robert E. Cartwright, Sr. Award at the upcoming Consumer Attorneys of California convention on November 16th, 2019. “It is such an honor to be recognized with two outstanding women advocates.  CAOC is the most effective consumer protection organization in California.  I am so proud to receive… read more

Calif. Court Affirms $5.5M Verdict In Fatal Auto Collision Suit

Law360 (September 30, 2019, 9:06 PM EDT) — A California appellate panel has affirmed a jury’s decision to award about $5.5 million in a suit accusing a SuperShuttle driver of partially causing a motorist’s death and his wife’s severe injuries, saying the verdict was supported by the evidence. A three-judge Court of Appeal panel on… read more