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Harley recalls thousands of bikes with possible brake problems

Harley-Davidson is a brand for riders who are serious about their motorcycles. Thousands of Harley riders got bad news on July 9, as the company announced a recall of 66,241 bikes as a result of anti-lock brake issues. The 2014 Harley line of Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles, produced between July 1 of last year… read more

Former GM auditor reveals safety department dismantling

By now, you have probably heard about GM’s ignition switch problem that led to a massive recall of vehicles and was linked to at least 13 admitted deaths. But this problem may have only been a symptom of a more serious disease. A former GM quality auditor recently spoke to NBC News, and revealed that… read more

Focus: developments on labeling/tracking of medical devices

As we have previously noted for readers, whether the latest product is a drug or device, approval by the Food and Drug Administration to market and sell a pharmaceutical or medical device hardly ensures the safety OR performance of that product going forward. There has been a steady parade over the last 30 years of… read more


From the most avid biking enthusiasts who can’t go more than a single day without getting behind the handlebars to the casual riders who enjoy riding once a week, biking in the Bay Area has taken on greater popularity over the last several years. With increased bicycle traffic has cone a major increase ibn bicycle… read more