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Potentially deadly bean bag chairs recalled

Almost any kind of product can be dangerous if it is released into the stream of commerce with a serious defect. From defective automobiles to dangerous medications, there are any number of products that can become dangerous when quality control is compromised. One does not normally think of furniture as an inherently dangerous category of… read more

Food-borne illness can be serious, compensation may be available

Even in the United States, where there is stringent government oversight of the food industry and a web of strict health codes, food-borne illness, often called “food poisoning”, is still a widespread problem. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there are an estimated 48 million cases of food-borne illness every year in America. This… read more

New service allows users to check vehicle recall status using VIN

Considering the massive waves of automobile recalls in 2014, there are more motor vehicles on the roads than ever with an acknowledged and potentially dangerous defect. However, when vehicles are recalled, a large portion of them never make it in to the dealership for a fix. Vehicle owners may not hear about the recall, may… read more

In products liability cases, strict liability likely applies

In many cases, when you are harmed, in order to collect compensation, you must prove that those who harmed you were negligent; in other words, that they owed you a duty, they breached that duty and in doing so caused you harm, and this resulted in damages (i.e., harm for which a fair dollar value… read more

Packaging mix-up leads to drug recall

Problems can arise easily in the correct use of pharmaceuticals. A mistake at any level might lead to serious health consequences; a doctor can prescribe the wrong dose, a nurse can administer medication at the wrong time or an unforeseen reaction with another drug can occur. But patients usually do not have to worry about… read more

Is pulling laparoscopic power morcellators too little, too late?

On July 30, Johnson & Johnson, the most prolific manufacturer of laparoscopic power morcellators used in hysterectomy procedures, announced its intentions to pull these devices from operating rooms. The following day, Johnson & Johnson released a letter to doctors around the world advising them to cease using their laparoscopic power morcellators, and to return the… read more

Medical malpractice insurers dedicating millions to quash 46

Back in the mid 70s, Medical Malpractice insurance companies were dissatisfied with their profits and manufactured a “healthcare crisis”. In response legislators passed restrictive and unfair laws limiting the rights of medical negligence victims to be fairly compensated for injuries caused by doctors and hospitals. The laws did not do anything to reduce the incidence… read more

Johnson and Johnson Power Morcellator surgical tool pulled; concerns it can spread cancer

On July 30, Johnson & Johnson announced that it was pulling one of its laparoscopic surgery tools, the power morcellators from hospitals around the world. A laparoscopic power morcellator is a surgical tool that slices up uteruses and fibroids (common uterine masses) into small pieces so that they can be removed in a minimally invasive… read more

Compounding Pharmacies Distributing Potentially Contaminated Drugs Across the Country

Many of us have become familiar with the dangers that can be associated with drug compounding facilities. When mixing, sterilization, or other manufacturing or shipping procedures are not followed, drugs manufactured at a compounding pharmacy can be infused with adulterants and then distributed far beyond their place of origin. On July 23, the Food and… read more

Consumer Reports magazine implores Toyota to recall vehicles

In the last two years Toyota has recalled more than a million vehicles due to sudden acceleration, braking issues and electronics problems. Indeed, it seems all vehicle manufacturers have been recalling car and truck models at an unprecedented rate. It is hardly a surprise to anyone when a new recall is announced concerning a dangerous… read more